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      Bpost international

      +32 (0)2 278 50 90http://www.bpostinternational.com/ 網點大全


      比利時國際(Bpost international)

      Are you looking for the ideal partner for the impeccable handling of your daily international mail, your international parcels and cross-border direct mailings? With bpost international, your international shipments are in the best hands.

      Expert on the Belgian market

      The Belgian network of bpost international is without equal. In 2009 bpost had 730 post offices and 650 postal points. These process and deliver more than 10 million addressed shipments every day. In addition, bpost international offers a wide range of fast and tailor-made solutions, for traditional business post and parcels as well as for large volumes of direct mail. Ideal if you want to conquer the Belgian market or strengthen your hold on Belgium.

      Ultramodern European Mail Centre

      In Brussels, close to Brussels National Airport, is located our European Mail Centre (EMC). It has a total freight capacity of 10 000 m2 and 3000 m2 of office space. Here we have brought together the latest sorting and handling technologies. We also perform outsourcing activities for large partners, mailing companies and postal services. Result: fewer formalities and no unnecessary delays in distributing your post.

      In the heart of Europe

      The EMC lies in the heart of Europe. Via the modern and highly-developed motorway and railway network it is readily accessible from the entire continent. Moreover, Brussels Airport is an important international transit centre with daily flights to and from European and worldwide destinations. We can reach the most important European countries in less than 4 hours. In this way, we can deliver virtually everywhere in Europe within 48 hours.

      International network

      In our most important markets we work with exchange offices. These full-service centres guarantee the most cost-efficient solutions and the smoothest possible handling for your shipments. Specialised contact personnel ensure the smooth distribution of your post, parcels and direct mailings.


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